Rapid Prototype Castings

How will the object in your sketch, or your CAD file actually look and feel? Will the product even work? Thanks to today’s technological advances, Marlborough Foundry’s Rapid Prototyping Aluminum Castings allow you to create highly functional, incredibly accurate models in just a matter of hours. Design it today and have it in your hands 48 hours later. It can be done!

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Casting Conversion

Multiple-piece fabrications often require extra machining and assembly, as well as numerous pieces of inventory. But there is a solution. Marlborough Foundry’s Aluminum Casting Conversion can reduce or eliminate the added steps and costs incurred with fabricated assemblies. We are ready to help you save time and money.

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Architectural and Ornamental Castings

Since 1953, Marlborough Foundry, Inc. has been creating high quality custom architectural and ornamental aluminum castings of all types and sizes. From brackets for glass to exterior building details to 1,100-lbs replicas of historic street clocks, our client testimonials say it all.

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Heat Transfer Castings

We use a variety of different aluminum casting methods to assist in the transferal of heat. Marlborough Foundry, Inc. has performed applications for military guidance systems, motor cooling systems contained in a vacuum, medical testing equipment and analytical instruments, just to name a few.

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Marlborough Foundry Inc. produces high quality, custom precision aluminum castings made from the sand and permanent mold processes to serve the needs of modern industry including the military and numerous civic projects. With every casting comes decades of experience, industry knowledge, creative solutions and expert craftsmanship. The Foundry has assembled an unrivaled team of production, administrative and engineering specialists. Launched in 1953, Marlborough Foundry, Inc. has been family owned and operated for four generations in its original location in Marlborough, Massachusetts. We take pride in treating our customers like family and making sure that we create the best product by the most economical means. The Foundry has grown steadily every year which we attribute to our concept of seeing the business through the eyes of our customers and then exceeding their expectations. It is our unique fusion of outstanding design and engineering expertise, superlative attention to customer requirements and second to none casting techniques that insure a superior product every time.

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