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“We pour more into your aluminum castings than just aluminum alloys.”

Family Owned and Operated 

Launched in 1953, Marlborough Foundry, Inc. has been a family owned and operated aluminum castings manufacturer in its original location in Marlborough, Massachusetts. For four generations, we’ve taken pride in treating our customers like family and making sure that we create the best product by the most economical means. Through the decades, we have grown steadily every year which we attribute to seeing our business through the eyes of our customers and then exceeding their expectations.

Production Capabilities

Marlborough Foundry provides aluminum castings using sand and permanent mold (also known as gravity die casting) processes. We maintain the latest state-of-the-art equipment to assure accurate high-speed production in modern sand processes such as Olivine, No Bake, Shell, and CO2. We can tailor our lines to customer requirements ranging from prototype quantities up through thousands of parts and casting weights from ounces to tons. On our custom machines, we produce permanent mold aluminum castings to some of the strictest standards. Banks of highly fuel-efficient furnaces of various capacities allow broad diversification in alloys and heat sizes. We even do our own heat-treating to insure superior strength in the metal.

Process Engineering and Planning

Because there is no tolerance for poor tolerances, patterns in wood or metal are developed from our customer’s input by some of the finest artisans in New England. Whether we are handed a blueprint, model or cad file, our unrivaled team of skilled foundrymen can give a customer exactly what they are looking for, from better surface finishes to pressure-tight castings that are porous-free. We customize our inspection and fixturing to allow our customers the ability to reach beyond normal industry standards for those special parts that require it.

Products and Markets

Marlborough Foundry excels in creating medium size sand and permanent mold aluminum castings from 15-100 pounds, which are exceptionally crafted and very competitively priced. Medical/science, construction, ventilation and air movement, military, energy, communications and custom ornamental/architectural design are just some of the areas we specialize in.

Quality Control

When aluminum castings reach the loading dock at Marlborough Foundry, it is shipped with pride knowing we have very carefully planned, monitored and controlled the entire process. MIL-I-45208A is the basis for our quality control system and guarantees that the foundry practices and procedures adhere to the highest quality standards and customer specifications.

Green Practices

Just as important as our commitment to our clients is our commitment to the environment. We allow for very little waste and whenever possible, we recycle our sand without any compromise to the finished product. Called “Green Sand,” it contains no chemicals. Although the majority of the metal we use is new and certified to national standards, we recycle all residual aluminum. At Marlborough Foundry, we take green practices seriously.

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Whether you need to start at Aluminum Casting 101 or would prefer just the facts to get your project moving forward, we are always ready to explain our wide range of services and make sure that you receive the answers you need. Call Marlborough Foundry, Inc. at 508-485-2848 or email us from the contact page of this site.