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Howard B. Nye incorporated Marlborough Foundry in 1953. Over five decades later, it is today still owned and operated by the Nye family.

Born in 1910, Howard laid the foundation for future generations of the Nye family when he went to work for his father’s housing construction company in Watertown, NY.  The lessons that he learned from his father have been incorporated into the fabric of the Marlborough Foundry. They include a strong work ethic, pride in the quality of the work, a dedication to superior customer service, and engineering excellence.

Graduating from Syracuse University with a degree and several honors, Howard worked his way up to top level management in a large New York manufacturing company.

In 1948, he moved his wife and children to Massachusetts where the family established the Marlborough Foundry.  He and his sons, Robert and Walter, designed and built much of the equipment and laid the concrete blocks for the building still used today.

Upon opening, the business grew rapidly and so did the facility. With 13 separate additions, it is now 6 times its original size, allowing the company to continually increase casting capabilities.

Through the years, the family also grew. Today, daughter Joyce and grandsons Ken and Karl operate the business; Steven, another grandson, works in sales.

Currently, the fourth generation is producing castings and continuing the same values and standards that Howard passed down… honesty, loyalty, and fairness toward the employees, suppliers, and customers of the Marlborough Foundry.