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Air Movement Castings

Marlborough Foundry has been contributing to the success of numerous industries for over fifty years. When it comes to air movement, we have manufactured exceptionally high strength aluminum castings for this highly specialized field. In particular, we’ve had extensive success producing turbine blades and impellers.  Both moving and stationary directional vanes – designed to create and move the air towards or around a product – can be achieved economically through our efficient casting process. And, the Foundry always employs the highest quality materials, which are 100% traceable to National Standards.

In the turbine industry, we have cast individual blades as small as 5 lbs up to as large as 100 lbs. These are then assembled on a central hub to form a fan up to 30 feet or more in diameter.  Blower and fan housings can be cast instead of fabricated to save production time and money.  Casting creates designs that can manipulate the direction of the air being moved as well as being a protective shield for the product.

If a casting project requires x-ray testing, Marlborough Foundry can easily arrange for that service. We have an excellent working relationship with an extremely reputable third party destructive and non-destructive lab. Located just one hour from our facility, customers are welcome to inspect this reputable, independent firm when making a visit to meet with us.

Our tooling is cut quickly and accurately thanks to the customer’s CAD files along with our extremely productive and reliable association with a number of highly qualified pattern shops that utilize state-of-the-art 3-axis routers.

We welcome customer involvement in the process and your input through all aspects of the job. Or, if you prefer, Marlborough Foundry will completely take over the project from casting through machining and coating, and we’ll deliver your part completed and ready to bolt on.