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Architectural and Ornamental Castings

Since 1953, we’ve had years of experience supplying custom aluminum architectural and ornamental castings of all types and sizes. Marlborough Foundry combines function and style to help create distinctive cast enclosures and basic structural components.  Our expertise in custom mold making and design ensures that your architectural or ornamental ideas can be transferred from a sketch, plans or 3D file to a piece of aluminum.

Clock Post and Four Face Head Castings

Architectural requirements such as clock posts and adornments, custom railings and balusters and visual or ornamental support brackets are cast from aluminum.  We create strong, lightweight pieces that when combined with modern finishing processes can weather the elements for years.

We can also produce decorative pieces such as park furniture receptacles and supports, and

Bean Pot Hockey Trophy Replica

trophies like the famed Bean Pot College Hockey Trophy of Boston. From brackets for glass to exterior building details to 1,100-lbs replicas of historic street clocks, our client testimonials say it all when it comes to artistic projects that require creativity, intelligence, and innovative thinking.