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Communication Castings

For decades, Marlborough Foundry has been producing aluminum castings for the communication industries. Products such as antenna mounts, satellite dish brackets, and electronic enclosures have rolled out of our foundry for both civilian and military applications. The utilization of aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio has proven to be an excellent choice for these products along with the shielding characteristics required by some customers.

We currently provide hardware that is being used on weather stations, remote sensing systems, and a variety of microwave applications and radar systems.  Cast aluminum housings also offer excellent thermal properties to dissipate the heat generated inside a microwave antenna system.  The enclosures used by the telecommunications industry must endure tough environments.  These applications require protection from the elements including dust and thermal spikes as well as vibration and shock.

For this highly sophisticated industry, aluminum castings are the answer, and the seasoned professionals at Marlborough Foundry can assist in providing the very best product possible at an economical price. What’s more, all materials used in the process are of the highest quality and all metal is 100% traceable to National Standards.

Our tooling is cut quickly and accurately thanks to the customer’s CAD files. We have a very productive and reliable association with a number of highly qualified pattern shops that utilize state-of-the-art 3-axis routers.

We welcome customer involvement in the process and are entirely prepared to work closely with you. We can also oversee the entire project from casting through machining and coating. We will deliver your finished part, ready to bolt on, just as we have for over fifty years.