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Construction Castings

Increasingly, aluminum castings are being effectively used in the construction fields. Not only are they currently employed for their architectural or aesthetic value, but they are also providing the method of assembly for the walls and window structures.  As buildings become more of an assembly of pre-manufactured pieces, it is critical that the brackets that adhere these sections to the framework of the building be strong and adaptable.

Adjustment Teeth can be last to you Specifications

With cast-grooved teeth to lock mating pieces into place, aluminum castings become invaluable to the project.

We can cast angle brackets from mere ounces to many hundreds of pounds depending upon the requirements of the individual application. Of course, we always incorporate the highest quality materials that are 100% traceable to National Standards.

But remember, if your proposed part is going to be visible in the final design, aluminum castings can bridge that gap between strength and beauty. See our Architectural and Ornamental page under APPLICATIONS.

Customer participation can be as little or as much as you would like. You can hand us a CAD file and forget about it or follow it through all aspects of the process.

Marlborough Foundry can take care of your part completely from casting through machining and coating and deliver you a part ready to bolt on, just as we have done for the past fifty years.