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Power Generation Castings

Electrical Breaker Valves

The opportunity to use aluminum castings in the field of power generation is vast.  There are multiple ways we can supply larger scale projects with the right product. We produce castings used on the fans that supply the fresh air needed to create the power; the breaker and switch housings that control and direct the flow; and the connections and brackets that help bring the power to the end user.  We can help to provide a more efficient process of producing these components, whether it is for the older technologies or some of the newest on the market.  We have produced the braces that support transformers and power lines and even solar panel frames and brackets.  Additionally, we have cast housings for high power breakers as well as hubs for some of the first wind turbines in the United States.

At Marlborough Foundry, we have also produced housings and chambers that have contributed to fostering the growth of fuel cell technology.  The use of aluminum castings incorporates the ability to provide lightweight enclosures for remote or portable applications along with the strength needed to protect the product.  Cast cooling fins or flanges can overcome some of the obstacles a project may be facing.  We can easily recommend a high quality aluminum alloy that can assist most projects by maximizing the existing properties.  What’s more, all of our metal is 100% traceable to National Standards. Whether it is electrical conductivity or superior strength, we can supply the method to bring a new product to life.

Our tooling is cut quickly and accurately thanks to the customer’s CAD files along with our extremely productive and reliable association with a number of highly qualified pattern shops that utilize state-of-the-art 3-axis routers.