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Rapid Prototype Castings

How will the object in your sketch, drawing, CAD file or sample actually look and feel? Will your new component properly fit into its overall assembly or house the object it needs to? Will the product even work or work correctly?

Using the latest rapid prototyping technologies, Marlborough Foundry can create a three-dimensional model that brings your vision to life, quickly and cost-effectively. Thanks to technological advances, today’s Rapid Prototyping allows you to create highly functional, incredibly accurate models in just a matter of hours. Design it today and have it in your hands 48 hours later. It can be done!

Rapid Prototype Casting is used:

  • When fast prototypes are needed to meet stringent project deadlines.
  • To test for form, fit, and function. Eliminate design flaws and other costly problems before casting production.
  • When you need parts while ramping-up to full production.
  • To simulate cast parts before an initial investment in expensive hard tooling is required.

If you have something you need fast, and you have a sketch, drawing, CAD file or sample, we’ll have metal parts in your hands in as little as two days. Your business deserves the precision, quality, speed and remarkable accuracy that have been our company’s hallmarks for more than five decades.