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Sand Casting

Sand casting is the process of producing metal parts from a cavity created in a sand mold.  The technique of molding sand around a pattern generates this cavity.  Here at Marlborough Foundry, we use two types of molding sand: Green Sand and No-Bake Sand.

Green Sand Molding

Castings with Pattern equipment

Green Sand Molding is a process that takes sand (combined with clay and water as a binding agent) and rams or squeezes the mixture around the pattern equipment.  Once the pattern is removed, the cavity is filled with molten aluminum.  The heat from the aluminum will drive out the moisture that holds the mold together. After the metal has solidified, the sand can be broken apart easily in the knockout process.



No-Bake Sand Molding

No-Bake Sand Molding requires a chemical binder to hold the sand together.  This type of system allows for the production of more complicated castings.  Castings that are selected for this process usually are extremely large castings, require deep pockets, or limited draft situations.  Another important feature to No-Bake Sand Molding is that there are no products of combustion incorporated in the material. Consequently, castings that require a high level of x-ray quality can be produced on a regular basis.