Casting Conversion

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Casting Conversion puts inventory on fast track.

Multiple-piece fabrications often require extra machining and assembly, as well as numerous pieces of inventory. They also often bring along the added expense of transportation time and scheduling changes.

But there is a solution, and we’ve been providing it to our customers for decades. Called Casting Conversion, this alternative can reduce or eliminate the added steps and costs incurred with fabricated assemblies.

Consider the following case study:
Assembly Conversion Saving Nearly $700 per Unit

An assembly consisting of 18-separate-pieces with 69 fasteners cost one customer $1,892.00 per assembly. At Marlborough Foundry, that same part was replaced with a one-piece, 26 lb. machined casting (27?L x 18?W x 7?H) that saved this customer over 36% per unit.

The Bottom Line — Their tooling cost is recouped in less than 12 units! We are ready to help you realize similar savings.